Couldn’t have said this better myself.

The Speaking PAw 🙂

I am just going to say some things here. It’s a tiny rant. I hear people boasting about travelling when all they did was take selfies at some touristy spots and that irks me. Here goes…

Travelling is a lot more than just going to places. It is about being adventurous, spontaneous and being open to new experiences. It is not about going to Delhi to shop. It is not about going to Switzerland to eat chocolates. It is about going on the metro trains at Delhi and pushing through the crowds, it is about walking around in Lucerne and asking random strangers about the lion monument there. It is everything you do when you are not being a typical tourist.

I want everyone to see the world. As a traveller. And here’s why…

I want people to travel so they see how beautiful the world is. I want people to travel so they get inspired…

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One thought on “Traveller.

  1. I started my adventures as a tourist only for safety but I knew I wanted to be a traveler. My first experience in Italy brought me to Florence. I dashed away from the group during our down time. I met a Portuguese couple on their honeymoon who just wanted some unique photos like me. So, we exchanged photo ops along the Arno. Yes, it was truly a unique experience.

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