National Poetry Day


It is National Poetry Day!
I won’t post a poem today, but instead, I want to ask my readers:
Where does your inspiration come from?
Any helpful writing exercises that you’ve used lately?
Drop the link to them (or your favorite poem) in a comment below!
Here is one of mine:


Always– Rane Arroyo


We met in proud Utah and wore opaque
vodka on those vague Sundays for the
unfaithful on your dangling back porch
while dreaming of the very New York
where we entangled for the last time.
Te quiero, you said there, my ears as
paths. You then vanished with a macho
because I had a lover,
because we’d never ride across Russia together in
that frozen train, because listening
to A Chorus Line all those weekends
didn’t teach us the foreign language of our bodies,
because of your career as a model
after years as a military mannequin,
because we never expected
adios to be our actual parting last word.
Because, because, and because.
You turned around to stare at me and I waved
back: I love you too.
What an education:
poetry always demands all my ghosts.



P.S. Go fall in love with some words today.

10 thoughts on “National Poetry Day

  1. I hate that I missed National Poetry Day. When I was a kid I use to piggy back and write poetry based on poems that I read. The poems were mostly about love. Ha! 😀Now, ideas for poems come to me from things that happen in life. It’s hard for me to write to a prompt. That’s part of the reason I started the Poetry Challenge.I love your writing. I’d love for you to join me in the challenge.

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  2. “I never really knew who I was until you said my name out loud.” <- I'm in love with THESE beautiful words today! Thank you for sharing them.
    My inspiration, most of the time, comes from within – my own feelings. Sometimes it comes from what I see/hear/experience, and other times, from song lyrics! 🙂

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    • ❤ so much love! I am inspired by the same things. Sometimes, however, when I'm struggling with writer's block, I am interested in seeing where else I can draw inspiration from (through prompts, or elsewhere).

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