Hey there!

I’m Kara Knickerbocker, a world wanderer and writer currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. However, I try to escape the city of bridges and travel as much as I can.


I like to stay active, and I love to eat! But when I was 22, I became hungry for more. After months of dragging myself through an unfulfilling 9-5, I traded my job for a one-way plane ticket to Spain in the summer of 2013 and spent the rest of the year traveling over ten countries in Europe alone.

Here was my plan:


The first two were easy. However, after returning to the States, I had yet to cross off the third item on that list.

I grew up loving poetry and the written word, but never shared my work or truly dedicated time to perfecting my craft. And eventually, I let my passion burn out.

So here’s to finally sharing those experiences I’ve had oceans away, and unveiling words I’ve left unwritten for far too long.

 From This Side of the Sun is the compilation of poetry, journal entries, pictures, and experiences, and fragments of language that expel every emotion I’ve ever felt. The name of this blog reflects not only the span of horizons I have seen in countries around the world, but also the distance in which I have come, and am still progressing, as I find my own voice and place in this world. I hope to give you a glimpse into my world, and leave yours forever shaken.

As of the start of 2020, I have traveled to 40+ countries and published two poetry chapbooks. And I’m just getting started!

Thanks for sitting shotgun with me- I’d love to hear from you!

Follow my adventures on Instagram: @fromthissideoftesun.


For my official author bio, publications list, events, and more, please visit my website: www.karaknickerbocker.com.

*Note: All works of writing are original and credited to Kara Knickerbocker, unless stated otherwise. No material on this blog is to be used without permission.  All rights reserved.

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  2. “And eventually, I let my passion burn out.”

    Passion never burns out. It is merely hidden beneath the rain, waiting for the sky to clear and the moon to shine on its smoldering ashes as it creeps from within until such time that it grows to ignite once again.

    That’s my mysterious way of saying that I, too, would addicted to Chapstick if I started using it.

    I’m strange. I know. But I look forward to reading more of your writings. 🙂

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    • Hi! I saw over ten countries: Spain, Morocco, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, and had previously traveled to England and Croatia. My favorites by far were Spain and Switzerland!


  3. Hi Kara – way to go! You did the best thing anyone can do – break out and break free!! 🙂
    Good for you! Thanks for following my blog – really appreciate it! Have been a little quiet recently due to some health issues – but coming right and will be picking up again soon – and then I plan to spend some time exploring your writing and experiences…YAY!! 🙂
    See you soon and keep up the writing…please!!

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    • Hi Rob! So excited to hear from you, and thank you so much for the encouragement and support! I am certainly looking forward to reading more of your writing as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and talk to you soon!

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    • Hi Anne,
      Wow, thank you for such kind and supportive words! I am dabbling now with shorter creative nonfiction pieces for the first time, and I really enjoy it. I love to read memoir, but don’t know if I could have the patience to write my own, so I am working on personal essays and that of the sort. 🙂


  4. Hi Kara my name is Carolina, thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and for the decision to Follow! I just gave a briefly look to your Blog and I love it at first sight ahah…I follow you back I am curious to read about all your travelling experiences around Europe. My native country is Italy but I moved to California in 2002 and I travelled a lot around Europe when I was there. I am an Artist Designer I am sure that you saw it visiting my Blog. I create unique jewelry inspired by nature also I love Photography and I espress my art in many different ways Digital Art, Watercolor Painting, creative writings and more…I hope that you enjoy it all! I am looking forward to interact with you and read your future writings! 🙂 ❤

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      • Yes both are beautiful places my family is in Italy I was the pionieer…lol I am here from 13 years and never had chance to to visit back life take you in places and sometimes things aren’t going exactely like you planned but you have always find the right way that is good for you! My story is a bit long I will tell you more when I have a bit time…:-) I am happy to meet you here you are doing a great job in your life and Blog!

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  5. Hey there Kara, I love your creative writing and it looks like you’ve got some great stories from your travels too! Thanks for checking out my blog about Japan – I hope that you enjoy the updates. Best of luck with your work, and I look forward to reading more.
    Naomi 🙂

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  6. Hi Kara! Can’t believe you’re only in your twenties and yet have so much meaningful to offer to others. If you hadn’t read my blog and followed it, I probably would never have discovered your amazing writing. Good luck to you and congrats for doing what you love… Sometimes its better to take the road less travelled, isn’t it?

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  7. Thank you for stopping by and following the blog. Now you have lived my travelling dream that I had at your age and still yearn to fulfil. But as they say nothing happens before its time and my time just has not arrived, motherhood jumped ship just as I hope to begin but I am enjoying the journey!

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  9. Well Kara I’m truly grateful and rather to he’d you’ve followed my blog. I hope this little corner of rather damp England can keep you entertained. I will happily join you on yours and hear about your European travels. Did you cross the Channel at all or is that for another time? And while I don’t get running. I do get exercise, as my blog will show I walk miles, mostly with Dog by my side.

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  10. Thanks for the follow!!! It was so awesome reading the about me section.. you got guts gal!! Love that risk taking quality of yours… do what gives you happiness and life would be happy!! looking forward to all the amazing poems and posts..and all the best in striking off the third point on your list.
    happy christmas holidays
    happy blogging

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    • Thank you SO much, Sneha! Sometimes I’m still surprised that I did it haha. But stepping out of my comfort zone and following my dream of traveling (and now writing) was the best thing I have EVER done for myself, and I am so proud I did it. I would hate to still be wondering “What if?” Your words mean so much to me, thank you for following my journey, and I look forward to following yours. Happy holidays to you! 🙂

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  11. Hi Kara, like some of the others I came to your blog to say a big thank you for the follow. And discovered a whole world of exploring in yours! Reading it is like taking part in a one way conversation – chatty, natural, honest… thank you 🙂 You’ve hooked yourself another follower.

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  12. YAY! I’m glad you figured it out–I have no idea where my wordpress follow button went 😦 I recently switched to self hosting with wordpress.org so maybe it disappeared! thanks for letting me know 🙂 nice to meet another wanderluster! 🙂 love your blog!

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